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LEGO The Little Rescue Boat Elias


This build is of Elias from the little Rescue Boat Elias. This model is based of the original Elias, from the  Little Rescue Boat Elias seires from Norway (Redningsskøyta Elias on Norwegian). Elias started as a children's book (by Alf Knutsen) in Norway back in 1999, which later adapted into an animated television show in Norway before it went international. 

The reason I wanted to build this is because i wanted to build something that I used to like when i was younger (and i could not find anyone else build), and The Little Rescue Boat Elias was the first thing to pup up in my head.

I think this could be a good LEGO set, for younger kids or for people who have grown up with this little rescue boat. It is a fairly easy build, for young kids. (If this was a real set, i would pick it up even though I have already builded it.) Elias did not take too much time to build (1-2 hours), and it could take 10-30/40 minutes to build if it had instructions.


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