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Richie Rich Mansion

I have been a big fan of Richie Rich movie released in 1994 and Tv show that aired couple of years ago. I always dreamed of building the ultimate Richie Rich Mansion with Lego bricks to bring this unusual story to life. In this version of Richie is in his 20's and having great time in his mansion surfing while his butler Cadbury is bringing him Apple pie and Earl Grey tea. He accommodates his friends in the pool, his bodyguard Joshua always protecting him , his lovely pets playing in the garden, friends watching giant tv in the movie room and his mother reading books in the  library. The mansion also has a modular master bedroom where Richie's girlfriend having a fine wine in the balcony overlooking the mesmerizing view.

The set has cool characters, it is very playable due to many sections of the house,  and there are too many details everyone will enjoy hence i think it will be great lego set for everyone.

I hope that everyone likes this set.

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