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Rocket League Octane


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Rocket League is one of the most famous videogames in the world. This game combines Soccer with Cars, or better, Soccar! Basically, you have to score a goal bumping the ball on the net, with a car instead of a normal soccer player.

The Octane is probably the Icon of Rocket League. It's the most used, characteristic and loved car in the game.

As a Lego and Rocket League fan, I've decided to build this amazing car, and I hope it's cool enough to be an Official Set... This build was pretty challenging because of his smoothness and his tough curves, but I got much fun too!

The 99% of the pieces I've used are available in existent colors, the rest of them aren't.

My model has 1100 pieces circa, its 20 x 28 x 15cm / 26 x 35 x 18 studs and it weighs 700 grams.

The car has 2 options:

  • Gameplay version - By replacing some pieces on the roof you can easily make the car steer with a little gear on the top of it! Perfect for playing with the car! (look image 5 and 6)
  • Display version - If you want to display the car at its best, build the "display version roof" and enjoy its coolness!

This Octane has working suspensions on all the 4 wheels too.

The best thing about this project is that the car has endless customizations like in the game! The color, the stickers, the rim and the tires can be personalized as you want! This would make your Octane unique and special.

I will update the project, the next step is to make the instructions and build the car in real life. I've already built the car with casual colors and it's stable and sturdy.

The images are rendered with Mecabricks.

I can't wait to build it with the right colors, stay tuned for the updates!

Thanks for the support!