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Pierre's Pizzeria


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Hello and Welcome to Pierre's Pizzeria!

This MOC comes with the pizza chef Pierre, his after school employee Arnold, three customers, 2 dogs and a cat who likes to hang out by the back door waiting for a stray anchovy or two. There are numerous accessories, including mints that are cheerfully offered free to every customer that orders onions and/or garlic on their pizza and a new idea pizza slice tiles so the minifigures can buy their pizza by the slice. The pizza oven is built so power function lights can be inserted into hidden outlets in the back wall and the oven will glow red as if the pizza is really cooking in a red hot oven. The front counter comes out in one piece to gain easy access to the kitchen area. You can't eat pizza without running the risk of burning the roof of your mouth, so there is a soda dispenser where the customers can have a nice cold drink to go along with their meal. The stove comes with a pot, where Pierre cooks his homemade sauce, and a pan, where he browns his made-from-scratch meatballs. The building opens in the front for easy access and eye level view of the inside, and has a latch embedded in the wall that locks it closed.

Size: 22 studs long and 16 studs wide         Piece count: Somewhere under 3,000

To me, Lego is about using your imagination and creativity. I hope that my creation of this pizzeria will inspire everyone who comes to visit to have fun looking around using their imagination and spark some creativity of their own. If you like this project please hit the support button and comments are always welcomed and encouraged :0)

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