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Mini Ole Kirks House

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Mini Ole Kirks House is my original work.
(Yang Jun-yeong's MOC)

Do you know 'Ole Kirks House'?
Lego number 4000007.

This is Mr. Ole Kirks (The founder of Lego) house which is made by Lego bricks.

Only one thing that I know about Mr. Ole Kirk is that he was the founder of Lego.

But all of us who like lego, He is very important and very thanksful person, I think.

Cause his house was Legorized in a limited edition for LEGO staffs.

The picture that I attached Mr. Ole Kirks house that is minimized.

I got details with 299 bricks.

Although my people don't know about Ole Kirks house well.

But it is very meaningful thing that could be selected at CUUSOO as a architecture series.

Please googling 'Lego 4000007' and compare my art work, then if you think they are very similar or impresses you.

I hope you to provide your support that it could be a product.

We are the people who enjoy the LEGO, aren't we? : )

I hope everyone enjoys my 'MINI Ole Kirks House'.

Thanks for your support.




With 4000007.

Thanks for your support. : )