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Cargo Train


The engine is modeled after several different CN Rail locomotives. The middle wheels on the engine slide back and forth so it doesn't stick on the curves. It has some nice detailing such as the railing on the front and back, air horns on top, window shades above the windows, as well as the air tanks on the one side.

The container car has a wheel for the manual brakes (not real brakes), and a platform for walking your mini-figures on, and a small tank for something (I don't know what). The grain hopper shows a stalk of grain on the side as well as some reflection strips. On the end it features a ladder and a wheel for the brakes.The lumber car has a ladder up the back with a wheel to turn on the brakes as well as a set of steps on the trucks.

There are two Johnson trucks (wheels) and two regular trucks on the cars. Both sides of the Johnson trucks are different, but I did not show them since I maxed out on photos.

The train is not motorized, but you can add electric lights on the front. You could certainly motorize it if you liked. You can also put all the cars in whatever order you want. I built it because I am very fond of trains. I think this would go great with any cargo train you have and would be even better if you get two! Overall it is 137 cm (54 in.) long.

The idea comes with:

1 freight engine that is 11 cm (4.25 in.) tall.
1 container car with two shipping containers that is 15 cm (5.75 in.) tall.
1 grain hopper car which is 11 cm (4.25 in.) tall.
1 lumber car with some lumber 10.5 cm (4.25 in.) tall.
1 engineer and 1 man with a clipboard.

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