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Lego Soccer: Penalty Shootout


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  After a soccer match ends in a draw, the two opposing teams must battle it out in the penalty shootout, a competition of accuracy and mental discipline where players are put in the spotlight and a single mistake can determine the outcome of the entire game!

Now you can recreate your favorite nail biters from major tournaments using this set which includes:

- soccer goal

- rotating goalie

- player 

- soccer ball


  I am a very tentative builder when it comes to technic, and this inspired me to become more familiar with it: hence this set! Using a simple mechanism, I have created a small figurine using a hybrid of technic and system which easily kicks a Lego soccer ball into the back of the net by pressing down on its head. The goalie, which is easily removable ( see picture above ), can be twisted back and forth to block incoming shots!

Though it might need some tweaking ( I will definitely be posting updates! ) this set has the potential to be a great play set for all soccer fans out there!

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