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Mayan Inspired Masks

Mayan Inspired Masks in LEGO form!

Inspired by stone masks that my father acquired during his business trip to Mexico in the late 1990’s, these LEGO creations are simple yet detailed builds, accompanied by a well-balanced display stand with some character of its own. During the trip, he visited some of the most popular Mayan ruins and nearby markets where he stumbled across an assortment of hand carved stone masks. Beautiful and striking in appearance he simply couldn’t resist and purchased one for each of his four sons.

Upon his return home he surprised my brothers and I with a few small souvenirs but saved the masks till the end. He had wrapped them each in a Mayan t-shirt, and asked that we open them very carefully. I was amazed when I opened it, I had never seen anything quite like it before and it quickly became one of my favorite possessions which I still have hanging on my wall today! Recently I was inspired to re-imagine the masks in LEGO form, and after finishing them I knew I wanted to share them, and their story with the world. What better way to do so than on LEGO Ideas to give everyone a chance to vote them into existence!

I coloured the masks completely in Dark Tan and the stand in all Black to achieve a monochrome appearance and striking contrast. Of course, the inner core parts could be any colour, but the monochrome exterior helps to make them very displayable in most settings. I envisioned these to be like art exhibits and designed the stand to be functional and appealing yet understated. The supports snake around the mouths and eyes so that they are not visible from the front. The masks rest on a single minifig space gun/torch piece (86208) that nests into a 1x4 arch brick built into the back of each mask. They can also be wall mounted! 

For fun, I've named the masks from left to right as The Sorcerer, The Warrior and The King.
However, these masks and their designs are not intended to have any historical relevance or meaning.

With a total of 1061pcs (masks + stand), most elements are currently available in colours shown. But, there are a few Dark Tan elements that would need to be created, so this is also a great opportunity to get some new Dark Tan pieces!

Join me in letting LEGO know how much we would love to see these Mayan Masks made!

Thank you,

Rick Brickham

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