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Island of Fredrick the Red

Fredrick the Red is a wizard who enjoys fishing, nature spells and solitude. He turned this wrecked tug boat into his home where he lives with his cat Timothy. He's got a kitchen, a little space to relax and on the top floor his bed and writing desk. His practicing of nature spells has caused the islands one tree to grow massive and Timothy loves climbing and trying to catch parrots. 

The roof of the cabin hinges up for play access to the top story and that whole room lifts off to allow access to the bottom floor (kitchen/lounge area)

I built this because I think people will like it. It's my most ambitious build so far I think. I wanted to include a bunch of popular elements. It's got nature, a wrecked boat that's also a house and a wizard. 
I like bright colours so I put heaps in. 

I think this would make a great play and display piece. Again, I have tried to create something that I want to own. I've tried to create something that speaks to the imagination. Let me know how I did.
Please support and help make this a real set!

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