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Euclides Sector II


A new vehicle..

It was missing an exploration vehicle on the moon floor, for this we have our Rover here


Version 1.3

To give greater credibility and thanks to the comments of experts in certain subjects, the model has been updated: The systems of air extraction should be inside, outside its utility is zero unless we talk about science fiction in which case I suppose that would be acceptable. At the same time my friend T. agreed with me to add something to that space that makes sense and is useful for the base, in this case he advised me some solar panels that have been welcome to the set. Thank you very much, I hope you like this update.



I redesign the elevator to have better access to play with. ;)


Thanks so much for this first 100 super supporters!

Thank you very much for your confidence in the project. I must add an apology for an incorrectly written word "scientific", in this update I have corrected the error. Thanks and apologies. :)

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