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Euclides Sector II


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Welcome to Euclides sector II facilities on the lunar surface, this base acts as the main communication with Mars, as well as investigation of the gas from the subsoil and solid materials from the lunar surface. The Explorer ships depart every day registering the terrain to facilitate the research operations, the drones of the explorers facilitate the task since they are capable of dividing to speed up the search.

These facilities include communications room, laboratory, medical facility, hangar, bedrooms, air chambers and a large team prepared for this sector, as main members of this base we can find:

  • Brian: Pilot / specialist
  • Ray: Engineering
  • Gillian: Medic / techmedic
  • Pinky: Cientific
  • Yareth: Communications
  • Barbara: Security chief
  • And our security robot.

For more information about the facilities, do not hesitate to consult our communication manager Bricky_brick through the messages of the network. Thank you very much and welcome to Sector II.

After this small briefing we can add that the set includes 7 minifigures +2 suits. Includes the explorer ship and there are also 12 pieces with prints to give more realism to the set, in one of the prints we can see Commander Goldon in communication with the sector II from Mars.

One of the reasons for making this set is basically more than 40 years of this theme in LEGO. There are many who join this tribute, part of the old childhood adapted to the new times for the kids.

For any questions or information do not hesitate to ask. Thank you very much for your time and support ;)




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