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Flex Seal Studio Lego Set


New boat!

Since we had hit 100 supporters, I decided to make a new update on the boat to make it more accurate to the comercial. At first I thought about making the boat clear, but I rewatched the commercial and I remembered that the clear boat was in the Flex Glue commercial, not the Flex Tape commercial. In the Flex Tape commercial the boat, when Phil Swift was riding in it, was white. So I made the boat white and tried to make it look like the real boat. Unfortunatley, I couldn't make the boat detatchable because if you put it into a modeling program and try to cut it in half it would mess up the mesh/model making it look very glitchy and distorted, and even if it was able to be cut in half, it would be very difficult to get a detach/attach system hooked up to the boat. I tried my best to get it to look like the Phil Swift boat with the programs I had, so I hope you enjoy it! Thank you all for getting us to this milestone!!