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G-2 Headquarters


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New series starting!!!. I call it the Gallactic Space Empire series. I planning to release a couple of these spaceships in the series. And this is the first time, I have ever attempted to build a spaceship headquarters. It does not look like a spaceship but it looks like the center of something. In this case, I have made it like a headquarter like figure with 4 other spaceships carrying the cargo containers out of the cargo transporter. Then, it connects the container into one of the docks of the headquarter, and then sends all of the supplies, and materials into it. This took about  2900 pieces and took 5 hours to build. Almost surpassed the lego idea piece limit, but I managed to barely keep it below the limit. 

If you want to see more spaceships, click on my profile and you can see so far 4 other ones that I have released!. They all have their own unique design and shapes. 

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