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Lieutenant Commander Ship


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This is not an individual ship. I made the design similar to the other Spaceship Squad project. Basically its like a sequel to that. It has the same color, which is white, gray, and orange mainly. I was just thinking of dismantling my spaceship squad and then making this. Because I was bored, I just started to make whatever came up to mind. It was this spaceship. It looks futuristic, and has lots of smooth surfaces. I thought, since the last commander spaceship was symmetrical, why not make it asymmetrical? So that is what I did. I thought asymmetry made it look more cooler, so that was one of my solutions to making a cool spaceship. 
This spaceship took about 750 pieces and took about 4 hours to make. less time and pieces than the last spaceship that I've posted. 
I think this will be a good continuation to the Spaceship Squad and a good lego set, because it is not that big, nor small. But it still holds the properties of the last spaceship with the colors and futuristic look. 

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