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Falcon Heavy Model LDD


Dear supporters...

Salve sostenitori, sono fuori servizio da molto tempo e volevo dirti una cosa.
Questo momento, per il "mio", anzi "vostro" progetto, siamo in un momento un po 'vuoto, quindi vi chiedo di "svuotare" questo momento diffondendo il più possibile questo progetto che oggi ha raggiunto 1500 sostenitori e condividetelo idea sui social e con i tuoi amici ... per favore, conto su di te!
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Help for me

Hi all supporters, at this rate we will never reach 1000 supporters, so please share, to your friends or to someone else.


New update

Hi supports, here is the highly anticipated update of my project.
There are many changes starting from the most relevant:
- Minifigure with shirt printed with the Spacex logo
- Small house with iron effect and poster with Spacex logo
- Change of the thruster area, so you can play better with the rocket and detach it without problems.
- Block with official Spacex logo

Soon I will also add the images in the main project by editing it.
Hope you like it.
Tell your friends to support !!



Hello everyone, sorry if I'm taking so long to make this new update, but I promise you that soon I will churn out my idea.
Remember to share this idea with your friends ...
Thank you


100 supporters!!!

Hello supporters, yesterday we passed 100 supporters and completed our first goal, I am counting on you to refer the project to your friends.
I want to tell you that tomorrow / the day after tomorrow an incredible update will arrive that will insert minifigures and more in the project ...
Remember to follow my account!



Important announcement

Hi supporters, I am writing this update to apologize that I may not have been active in the last 20/25 days cisto my account has been suspended because I have advertised this idea and others on my comments.
I still apologize to everyone.
Remember to support me, 11 backers are missing!
The last 10 who will support me will earn a follow and I will support all their works.
* New updates are coming*



Render image

Hello supporter!  This is my rendered project, in theory it should look like this in real life!
Support please, we are going very fast !!
Follow me and ... Hello!

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