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Falcon Heavy Model LDD


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Hi, I'm back even if the first attempt to present this project failed to reach 100 supporters, I propose the same idea, improved and with another detail:

The launch pad
I built this rocket because I am very passionate about rockets and everything related to space.
The Falcon Heavy was designed by Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO between 2012 and 2013.
I would really like this rocket to become a real set, it would be a way to make rocket models for passionate fans like me!

The set consists of:
- The two side boosters (detachable, thanks to the PEG connectors)
- The first stage
- Command room with iron effect
- Minifigure with Spacex logo
- The second stage and the payload cabin, containing a satellite that will be released into space
- Springboard
- Many possible adventures.

Please support this idea and follow my account!
(I follow who follows me)
I hope you like it!!
@ Truzzolo_10

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