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War Machine Hulkbuster


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This is a fictional story.

The timeline is after the event in Iron Man 3.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man summoned the “house party protocol” to terminate the Extremis. Tony realised that his buddy James Rhodes is seriously outgunned by the future generation of enemies. An upgrade to his War Machine is imminent.

As a benchmark to improve on his War Machine’s armor, Tony came up with the idea that if the new suit is able to go head-to-head with the Hulk, there is a good chance that it can overpower anything else. This is the inspiration behind the War Machine Hulkbuster.

War Machine is able to operate his Hulkbuster from within. The technology of the Hulkbuster is such that it mimics the movement of James Rhodes wearing his War Machine armor; hence it is a seamless fusion and provides great mobility for intense combat action.

The War Machine Hulkbuster is equipped with heavy machine gun on his right shoulder and Stark Industries' missiles on his left. Both arms have flick-fire missiles equipped for real firing action. There are meters at the back of the Hulkbuster to monitor overheating of the weaponries.

The proposed set will come with the War Machine Hulkbuster, a display stand and a Hulk minifigure. A display stand is necessary to showcase all the action poses you can do with this build; it might also be a good piece to impress your boss or colleagues at the work desk

For better quality photos please go to my flickr album
War Machine Hulkbuster Flickr album

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I am a huge supporter of Jonsanpedro's Iron Man Hulkbuster project. His build is phenomenal.

I have come up with the design of this War Machine Hulkbuster and the images are taken by me. For usage of these images or design to this build, please kindly seek clearance from me first. Thanks in advance.

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Project updates
1) 11/04/2014 Project approved and published
2) 11/04/2014 Artistic guidance by Gunpla maestro Mr Kenny Lim aka Toymaker. Stay tuned for the updates. His amazing works can be found here Toymakerinc
3) 12/04/2014 updated the 4th photo with a display stand for the War Machine Hulkbuster
4) 13/04/2014 small change with a major impact. The front armor piece is able to open and reveal the internals. War Machine can move in and out of the Hulkbuster easily without having to remove any pieces now.

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