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Relief Map of Germany


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Always being fascinated by printed or molded relief maps of countries, showing their geographical structure in a 3D manner, I came up with the idea to try a realization with bricks. So i tried my best to reproduce the main characteristic shape of a country - in this case Germany - and to at least indicate some of its typical geographic characteristica using my current favorite "building style" in very small scale.

Details shown:

To add some fun and eye candy, I tried to sort of cartoon a few landmarks or regions throughout the country with some kind of "3D icon". Therefor I first added the "Brandenburger Tor", placeholding the capital city, Berlin. As i wanted to get the map more "lively", I then added some "fishing area" on the north coast, some container ship to symbolize the city of Hamburg, a small industrial area around Cologne, some "sky scrapers" for Frankfurt and finally the football stadium "Allianz Arena" in Munich.

As I wanted to represent at least some of the probably most well known waters (rivers), too, I tried to sketch the rivers Rhine and Elbe as well as the North sea and Baltic canal.

Finally - after having most of the time consuming renders already done - I decided to add the corresponding country flag down right in the blank space. Perhaps one could add some sticker with basic information about the country (size, number of citizens and so on), too, to add some "educational" character.


The model is designed on a 32x32 base plate and consists of approx. 1.100 parts in total. Up to now the model is a rendered LDD-construction, maybe I'll get the chance to add some real build lateron.

Thank you for viewing and of course - if you like it - for your support :-)!

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