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Philadelphia Skyline

As I was driving through Philadelphia a little while ago, this idea popped into my head. I collect the Architecture series, and I thought, why not have the city closest to my heart added to my collection. Of course, Philadelphia isn’t included in the Architecture series, so there’s no way I can get it… Unless… I built it myself. I mean, why not? I have included 6 landmarks that make Philadelphia what it is today, including from left to right:

The Schuylkill River
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Rocky Statue
The Comcast Technology Center
One Liberty Place
Philadelphia City Hall

Now, I know for sure that I’m not a master builder AT ALL. But I hope that if this idea is accepted, that changes are made to make this set even better. All I need is 10,000 people to look at this and say, “I want this added to my collection”. Now let’s go get this into stores.

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