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Simpsons Tapped Out


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In the mobile game the Simpsons -Tapped Out Homer accidentally causes a meltdown and destroys Springfield. The game lets you rebuild Springfield placing the buildings where you like.

This is a proposal for a "Simpsons - Tapped Out" starter set, which, like LEGO Minecraft, could be supplemented by smaller individual models and sets to add many more Springfield buildings and features. You could also make your own additions and personalise your own Springfield.

The starter set includes 7 models and sections of road and grass.

  • The Simpsons house
  • Kwik-E-Mart
  • Krusty Burger
  • Burns Manor
  • Springfield Elementary
  • Nuclear Plant
  • The Springfield sign

As with the game the buildings are not all to the same scale, larger buildings have larger footprints but are scaled down, a fixed scale would either give you very small houses or make things like the Nuclear plant fill a table top (and break the 3000 brick limit!). 

The main photo shows the town configured to 48x32 studs. The smallest element, the 'T' road junction is 4x4 studs and all of the model bases are made in multiples of 4x4 studs. This is what gives you the flexibility to arrange Springfield however you want. This starter set is made using 1200 LEGO pieces.

If you like the idea of having your own Springfield, with a potential for LEGO to offer additional expansion sets then please support and tell your friends and with enough support it may happen.

Please also leave comments and suggestions for your favourite Simpsons buildings.

Thank you.

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