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Lego TGV Train

I hope that lego will bring more original trains.
(Emerald Night, Santa fe, Burlington and Maersk train)

I've created the TGV with these options
- 5 wagons
- 8 seats in one cabin
- removeable roof
- 1 1st class wagon/coupe
- 2 2nd class wagon/coupe
- Original LEGO train doors
(why did they stopped using them)
- over 1,50m in length
- more than 2000 bricks

The train should be shaped a little better at the nose.
And the doors have to be coloured in according too the wagons/coupe

Dark green chairs and fully tiled base

Middle axle is modular, so once the turn table is fitted at the wagon/coupe it can stay there.

easy removeable roof from the engine wagon

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