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Catan 3D


Help me to get to 1000 supporters! Just need a few more!

Hi everyone, two weeks left for my Catan 3D and it needs just a few more supporters to reach the 1000 milestone and gain six more months time. Please help me to support it and share it!

Here's a new commented video explaining all the features of the set.


700 supporters!

I just made a new video presentation for my Catan!

Thank you to all the supporters, please help me to share it and to get to 1000!


Customize your Catan

One of beatiful things about Lego is that you can customize and create whatever you want!

Here's some idea to customize you Catan game. Bored of ore and wool??? Why not change it in marble and water..

Enhance your board game experience with your creativity!



Keep supporting and sharing!

Thanks to all the supporters Catan 3D is still in the trending this month projects!

Here all the roads, settlements and cities in the game.


Approaching 600 supporters!

Thank you for all your support! Keep sharing the project! Next target 1000 supporters!

Here a closer look to field and pasture.


Desert, dice and Harbormaster

Thank you everyone for your support passing the first milestone, we are now approaching the 500 supporters just after a week, keep supporting and sharing with your friends! 

Here's a new picture with the desert hexagon, the dice and the additional Harbormaster.

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