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Pipe Layer


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 My new project is a pipe layer, based on the Liebherr RL 64 Litronic.

Pipe layers mostly work together with four or more to lift a long pipe and lower it in a groove in the ground. They drive on tracks, have a hydraulic boom with winch at one side and an adjustable counter weight at the outer side, to prevent tilting of the machine at heavy loads.

Special on my model are the tracks. For the track wheels I used the old type of turntables, because there are no large Technic track wheels. But you cannot use those to drive the tracks, not enough grip. To drive the tracks I used the smallest track wheels, two at each side in the middle under the top of the tracks. To prevent the tracks from slipping out, I placed two small rubber wheels on the outside of the tracks and directly above the small track wheels. To keep tension on the tracks, the front axle is under spring load. This is not how real tracks should be driven, but it works fine! For the drive train I used two coupled differentials and two motors. A big motor to drive straight and a medium motor to steer, Using only the big motor, the machine drives in a straight line and using the medium motor at the same time, the machine will make a turn, so you can steer as if it is a car on wheels. This principle is called a motor subtractor and it works great. The small wheels at the bottom side of the tracks are also spring loaded, using the small two studs rubber bands.

The other features of this pipe layer are:

  • Driving with IR controller
  • Driven pneumatic pump, using the large hand pump and the small motor
  • Pneumatic controlled boom, using the new large cylinder
  • Pneumatic controlled counter weight, using two new thin and long cylinders
  • Driven winch, using the same motor as for the pump
  • All controls are inside the cabin: switching pump on - off, two pneumatic valves, hoisting up and down.
  • Cabin seat
  • Opening cabin door
  • Tilting and locking cabin
  • Opening sides of the motor compartment
  • Battery box behind and under the cabin
  • Sizes: L x W x H: 33 x 27 x 55 cm

Well there is always something to improve, but so far so good and I hope you like the model.

Of course some updates will follow.

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