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Star Fleet's X-Bomber


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In the year 2999, the solar system is at peace, patrolled by the Earth Defence Force's Star Fleet. Without warning, an immense alien battle cruiser engages and eliminates a Star Fleet patrol ship on the outskirts of the solar system.  As Earth then loses contact with its forward base on Pluto, it is decided that the prototype starship, the X-Bomber, should be launched with a young crew of hot shot cadets to try and counter the threat.

The Set

The set comes in at just under 550 bricks and aims to recreate the X-Bomber spaceship reasonably accurately.  The ship was the main transport of the heroes of the popular Star Fleet puppetry TV series from the 1980s, originally from Japan but widely shown worldwide.  Brian May even covered the theme tune in his Star Fleet Project! 

As you can see from the video below, this is a set that is intended to be played with.  In keeping with the original design of the ship, it features a neck that can pull back and up to reveal two spring missile launchers, activated simultaneously by pressing down on the rotating laser turret on the top deck.  Admittedly in the show these were actually beam lasers - you'll have to use your imagination, which I'm sure you have plenty of!

Sadly I couldn't figure out how to install laser torpedoes on the wing tips, or the X-Impulse mega blast from the wings!  However, I know that Dai-X, the mighty combining mecha, is perhaps even better remembered than X-Bomber itself and so in this version of the ship (modified from the original Ideas version) I've split a minifigure in three which can detach from the ship and form up to make Dai-X as it did in the show.  Thanks to those who suggested it - I think it's a fun addition to the design which originally used mini-vehicles that couldn't combine.

In making the digital version of the model (the original was a very physical design process!) I've made some tweaks to allow the wings to achieve better angles and the main landing strut now provides more support for holding the ship and landing it.  It's also possible to adapt the ship into a rather large microfighter as you'll see from the gallery!

I'm making the LDD file available on my site for anyone who would like to try and build their own, but obviously it would be far more convenient for the set to get the support it needs here and actually get properly made!  Please do hit the Support button and share with your friends!  Thanks for reading!

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