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Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun, known as Japan in the modern world.  This land in East Asia consisting of almost 7,ooo islands and 108 active volcanoes is truly a beautiful country.  This build was made to reflect the more traditional background of that land in exquisite detail.  The model includes a tea farm, garden, and house made to be as detailed as possible whilst matching up to a more realistic standing.

The farm runs along the side of the pathway that travels through the center of the scene and includes a small fenced in area for a couple of chickens.  Whilst not a major part of the three zones, it still manages to help the rest of the areas flow together and make the house sink into the rest of the landscape.  And who doesn't love a couple of Lego chickens?

The garden incorperates an area fit for two to enjoy the beautiful landscape whilst a cherry blossom blooms overhead.  Sushi provided of course.  A small pond fed by a trickling stream dominates the area with cattails and lilypads decorating its surface.  Smooth tiled pieces are used alongside slanted plates to give the water feature a more natural look.  Around the shoreline the water is shown to be of a shallow nature using the tiles right atop the grey plates whilst the rest of the pond is two plates deep with a tan bottom.

The house is a small build that looks detailed whilst remaining small enough to not overcrowed the model.  The pathway leads right to the front step which is straddled by hanging tea leaves.  Inside is a small kitchen equipped with a teapot and shelf space, an indented wall with a banner, statue, and flower pot, and a small red bed nestled on the oppiside side of the house.  Although there is not much space in the interior, the simplicity of it makes for a quaint build.

Thank you for your support and happy building!

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