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Newtonian Telescope


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Newtonian Equatorial Mount Telescope 150/750

I love Legos, and I love just as much astronomy. How to combine both of them ? Firstly, I scanned the deep sky looking for colourful bricks... Unsuccessfully... So I decided to create a Newtonian Telescope 150/750 using those famous bricks.

In the reflexion process, I immediately wanted to create a functional equatorial mount with two axis of rotation, fine tunings in right ascencion and declination, while keeping its shape and scale. Once the mount was designed, I had to find the right pieces for the tube and the tripod.

A crucial point was to always remain as close as possible to the original scale between the three parts.

After many hours of reflexion and testing, the telescope was born.

I hope you will appreciate this idea as much as I had fun implementing it and I thank you in advance for your support and sharing.


  • equatorial mount with two axis of rotation and fine adjustment knobs
  • folding tripod
  • number of pieces : 615

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