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Deep Rock Galactic Drill Dozer & Mine Head


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Danger. Darkness. Dwarves. 

Look alive team, we’re sending you down to HOXXES IV on a mining expedition. Accompany the Drill Dozer and fend off any nasty bugs that come to destroy her! Make sure to use the Fuel Canisters attached to the back of the Drill Dozer to refuel her so she can continue digging. 
Dig for precious minerals like Nitra, Gold, and Morkite, and load it into the M.U.L.E. Escort the M.U.L.E back to the Mine Head and load up the mineral’s you’ve gathered before launching it back to the Space Rig. 
Take some flares to light up the dark caves, but be careful, there are Glyphid Grunts and Swarmers headed your way, so you had better be ready to defend yourself against these critters. 
That shine can only mean one thing – GOLD! There is a loot bug nearby, perhaps if you find it you can get some extra minerals! 
Send BOSCO to mine minerals or help defend the team, as DEEP ROCK GALACTIC comes to life in this new Lego Ideas set! 

Management bids you welcome, new miner. Welcome aboard, to DEEP ROCK GALACTIC. 

For rock and stone!
 Lego Deep Rock Galactic Drill Dozer & Mine Head

This Lego Ideas playset was born from my love of the early Lego Power Miners theme, and the recent video game Deep Rock Galactic. The set pays homage to the old days of the Power Miners with not just the hidden skeleton and helmets, but the Drill Dozer itself is an homage to the Lego Thunder Driller from back in the day.  
The set includes 2 main builds based off of vehicles and buildings from Deep Rock Galactic, as well as smaller builds from the same game.
Each of the main builds have detachable parts to show damage or moving parts to show how they operate. Accompanying this is all 4 Dwarves as minifigures from Deep Rock Galactic, as well as some Glyphids to defend yourself from. 
This set makes for both a great play set and display set, which both new and old fans can enjoy, with plenty of play features as well as a variety of ways to display it.

Features included:
  • Drill Dozer with moveable parts and detachable panels and pieces.
  • Mine Head with containers to hold minerals inside.
  • Landing Platform with arms to hold the Mine Head in place, moveable ladders for access and rotating spotlights.
  • M.U.L.E with fully posable legs, and containers to hold minerals.
  • 4 Dwarves with gear resembling their in game equipment.
  • 3 Glyphid Swarmers
  • 2 Glyphid Grunts with fully posable legs.
  • 2 Boulders that open up to reveal minerals
  • 2 Sets of tools
  • 1 Unfortunate Power Miner
  • 1 Bosco
  • 1 Loot Bug

Please comment or ask me anything about the project that interests you. 



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