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Green Lantern Anti Monitor (The animated Series)


Why this Model?

I'm really a big fan of DC Comics and especially Green Lantern. I also loved Green Lantern the animated Series. In my opinion the Anti Monitor is a really interesting and powerful enemy. With his Anti-Matter power, the control over the Manhunters and the ability to time-travel he is the ultimate enemy for the Green Lantern Corps

I think the Anti Monitor would be a cool set, because he is not only important in Green Lantern the animated Series, but also in the Rest of the DC Universe and could be combined with the other DC Superheroes sets.

I tried to include as many details and functions the Anti Monitor has got in the TV show

What's special about it?

The Anti Monitor is completely passable threw his many joints. Especially his hands and fingers are movable, because in the TV show he shoots his antimatter-beams out of his hands. To add this ability I attached spring-shooters to his arms (Picture 9). Inside of his head I also placed the time travel-module, which evil-Aya rips out of his head (Picture 7). It's also possible to remove the head and place Aya in this position, so she can control the Anti Monitor.


For minifigures I choose the evil Aya and two Manhunters, because they normally don’t come alone.

The Manhunters come with their staffs and Aya with the laser beams she shoots out of her hands.


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