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Training A Jedi


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With the rapid approach of Star Wars Episode VII the Force Awakens, Original Trilogy sets won't be the focus of attention. Scenes that played a big role in the movies should be introduced. The only time Dagobah was featured in a set was back in 2004 and times have changed. 

Luke discovering Yoda on Dagobah and training with him was a key part of Luke's growth throughout Episode V and VI and I believe it is worthy of becoming a LEGO set. 

Minifigures Include: 

  • Luke Skywalker (training suit; new Episode V face painting; backpack; same hair as the 2011 Millennium Falcon variant)
  • Yoda (same head piece from the 2013 Duel on Geonosis; new Episode V body painting; carries a cane)
  • R2-D2 (uses the recent 2014 Jedi Interceptor style, but is covered in mud from the swampy area)
  • White Dagobah Snake
  • 3 Black Bats

Unique Features:

  • Yoda's hut opens from both sides to include a fire cooking a pot, a bed for a tire Jedi Master, and a table to talk around.
  • During Luke's training, he can stack grey stones nearby and hold himself by one hand.
  • Luke can also levitate R2-D2 near the right tree. 
  • Continuing his training, Luke can swing from the vines to build his strength and agility.
  • The tree to the left is the mysterious Dark Side Cave that Luke must enter. As he walks down the steps the back of the tree opens to open the space up for more playability. (I'm not sure if a Darth Vader with Luke's face should be included for this set.)
  • The tree Yoda's hut is attached too may look like an ordinary tree, but every Jedi Master has a trick up their sleeve. In the back there is a compartment that opens up to reveal Yoda's green lightsaber and Holocron.
  • In front of Yoda's hut is the edge of the swamp Luke flies his X-Wing into (Unfortunately the set would be too large to include a swampy X-Wing.)