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Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is the best known price of artwork in the world, and with your support it can become a real Lego set. I built this because I realized that despite some other great artwork being put forth, their had never been a Mona Lisa. Since this is such a fabulous painting, I decided to make it rather small do that as a set anyone who wants it could get it, so it only has about 250 pieces. I decided to build Mona as a minifig to add reality, and it was the best way to keep the size small. I decided to use the standard Lego head because it best fit the expression of Mona, and I thought that that was also really cool that it was what fit. To achieve the folded hands look, I put a gray hand on her right arm, and then built a second torso piece into the wall of her shadow box to allow her to place her hands together. The background is a stack of plates that mimics the background of the painting as well as possible, using rare but appropriate colors. On either side of her painting box, there are scenes depicting times in the “life” of Mona Lisa. On the left, there is a model of the countryside, with a winding road, a thatched cottage, and an olive tree that represent where the Mona Lisa was painted. To the right, there is a microscale model of the Louvre, the famous art museum where the Mona Lisa currently resides. Some interesting uses of pieces include a crab as the thatched roof, and a minifig cape as Mona’s dress. This could easily become the coolest Lego set ever, so please support and share with your friends if you want to see this become a reality. Thank you so much for your support!

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