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Thomas and Friends - The Original Engines

Growing up, my younger brother and I loved Thomas the Train: from the books to the actual wooden toys to the VHS tapes. Now that I'm grown up I've since moved on. My brother however, has mild autism and therefore functions as he would when he was a child. He still has an immense fascination with Thomas the Train.

So, I decided to make him something that can be built AND played with, as I haven't seen any micro-scale LEGO Thomas sets out there. These were fun to make! These are the original 8 engines: Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby and Duck. It also comes with Sir Topham Hatt and Train Conductor minifigures.

Just like my brother, I know so many kids that watch Thomas now, and adults who grew up on Thomas. A LEGO set(s) would be a great addition to the plethora of toys that already exist for the franchise. On top of this, they are portable so kids can play with them anywhere!

The images shown are what the models look like. In terms of how the set would work, each character could be in it's own individual plastic bag to make it easy to distinguish. Each character also comes with their own name board, just like in the show!

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