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The Hiker´s Log Cabin

This is a cozy log cabin for the popular LEGO Hiker and his Girlfriend. They reached their destination for the day and set a little campfire. In the garden in the back are some tasty vegetables waiting for them and inside the cabin everything is ready for a snuggly night. The Cabin is set next to a small pond and a waterfall is rushing into it, coming from another little pond by it´s source in the mountain. Some tall trees in the back round up the diorama.

This Model consists of roghly 1200-1500 pieces, but i´m not really sure since i used a lot of parts in the structure because of the many changes i made. The cabin also has a lightstone, i will add some more (and better) pictures of it later. I had to use some old rock pieces from my childhood so the colours don´t perfectly match with the new grey.

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