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The Red Barn Woodshop


Second milestone! 1,000 supporters!

Thank you so much everybody! The support this project received this last weekend was amazing and really speeded things up!

As a token of my gratitude, I'll start to publish close-up pictures of the shop machinery every 500 supporters until we reach 10,000! I thought about publishing the instructions, but I'm not sure if this is allowed under the LEGO Ideas rules. But, since the machines are really small, I think you can count the parts and figure out the build by yourselves.

1. The Bandsaw

Thank you so much!



500 supporters! Thank you so much!

As a thank you "gift", I would like to share with you a side build I planned to include in this project, but unfortunately I had to leave it out due to parts count.

It's a sheet little shed for air-drying lumber.

Hope you liked it and thank you for your support!



100 supporters. The first milestone is behind us!

Thank you all my first 100 supporters! Here are some extra shots from the woodshop that I couldn't post with the project due to the 15 images limit.

Using the tablesaw:

Turning a bowl:

Hewing wood:

Spoon carving: