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The Red Barn Woodshop


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This is The Red Barn Woodshop, a place where you and your minifigs can relax and make creative new projects with some nice Lego-wood. 
The set has exactly 3.000 pieces and includes:

The Woodshop, equipped with all Lego-machinery that you need for sawing, ripping, planing, turning, drilling, carving and more; and four minifigures:

  • The Turner;
  • The Green Woodworker;
  • The Spoon Carver; and
  • The Cabinet Maker.


I love Legos and I love woodworking, so it was only a matter of time before they both merged into a project.

The inspiration for this set came from the pages of Fine Woodworking Magazine #272 – Tools & Shops 2019. In an article, Eric Bauer writes about his woodshop in rural Vermont, US. A beautiful burgundy red barn-styled shop "whose architecture was in keeping with the rural character of the area".

Inspired by it, I decided to design my own version of a barn shop.


The shop comes fully equipped with all your Lego-woodworking needs (See the pictures in the slideshow). There you will find:

  • A place for mail, books and your favorite magazine;
  • Some storage space and a cabinet for your flammables;
  • An ample garage door for loading wood and machinery; and
  • Some sweeping accessories.

— Should the fire extinguisher sit so close to the flammables cabinet?
— Hey! Who are you?
— Just someone hearing your pitch.
— Oh! Ok...

  • A work bench with some hand tools and a hanging tool cabinet;
  • A modern drill press; and
  • More storage for tools and hardware.

— Is that the LEGO Wooden Duck?
Yes! It is!

  • A vintage cast iron jointer; and
  • A vintage cast iron bandsaw.

— Vintage machinery? Really?
— They are both in great condition and working great, trust me. I've built them myself!

  • A vertical lumber rack;
  • A good dust collection system;
  • A clamp rack; and
  • A wood lathe with a dedicated tool rack.

— WOW! I love wood turning!
It's wonderful technique.
It sure

  • Finally, a modern table saw with a good outfeed table;
  • A lunchbox style planer/thicknesser; and
  • A scrap bin!


I know some people hate stickers, but I have a good reason for proposing that these tiles should be decorated with stickers instead of prints.

I'm hearing…

Stickers are a big part of the woodworking community. People collect them, stick them all over their shops, their machinery, their dogs, their wives, husbands... everywhere! So stickers are part of a narrative in this project, not just random decoration. You can, and should, stick them anywhere you want, not only on these small tiles. It's your shop!

I'm proposing ten little sticker (all inspired by makers I admire) and a bigger sticker with a caving pattern.

But that doesn't mean there won't be some new prints!

— ...


Prints should represent something that is actually printed or something that I just don't want to be decorated with a sticker...

— It was a joke.
Yeah... right...

So, the two torso prints, two artworks (a kumiko panel and a chipcarved design by two woodworkers whose work I admire) and a spoon blank should be printed.


Well, I guess this is it. This is the end of my presentation. Thank you all for reading and I hope I can get your support! Let's make The Red Barn Woodshop happen!

Yes! Let's do this!
— So are you onboard?
Are you kidding me?! You wrote me into this copy. Of course I am! Besides, you would have to be crazy to write a fictional conversation with someone who wouldn't support you...
— Ok, that's enough. Thanks you for your support...
Oh, did I went to far?
— A bit, but it's ok. Thanks anyway. Have a good one.
— Bye.

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