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Reusable Brick Built Christmas Crackers

   This is my idea for reusable brick built Christmas crackers. The set would include bricks to make six Christmas crackers. There would be two different designs one green with leaves on and one white/aqua with a snowflake on, inside each you would place a mini Lego puzzle, build or game (included). The crackers would have a hinge to allow them to come apart revealing two compartments one of which would contain a prize from the list below. Also in the set would be stickers with a Lego joke or fact to be stuck on flat plates to replace the traditional cardboard version. 

The mini prizes are;
  • bowling,
  • a spinning top
  • hoopla
  • Christmas tree table decoration
  • tic tac toe
  • Brick puzzle.

   I built this set because I love Christmas and I think that it could help spread some festive cheer. I believe this would make a great set because it is reusable so helps reduced waste and could save time and even money long term as there would be no need to buy new Christmas crackers every year. As well as each prize being a mini build the crackers themselves would be a perfect build in the run up to Christmas or on Christmas Day if the set was bought as a Christmas present. Unlike traditional Christmas crackers which can sometimes be boring this set would get everyone involved and could continue to bring fun into the new year as the pieces could be used for other non Christmas designs. This set would be great for those who enjoy Lego as they would have an excuse to continue building even during Christmas dinner and maybe learn some new Lego facts or building techniques along the way. 

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