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Forbidden Planet


The crew of the starship C-57D lead by Commander J.J. Adams arrives on the planet Altair IV to investigate a mysterious 20-year long radio silence from the planet and find it all but deserted. It seems that twenty years ago, the planets human colonists attempted to flee the planet to escape some malevolent entity brought into being by the technological artifacts of the mysterious extinct alien race known as the Krell, only to have their starship, the Belephron, struck down as if an occult hand had reached up and torn it from the skies. The only survivors or the accident were those who remained behind: The colony's philologist Dr. Morbius and his beautiful daughter Alta, assisted by their faithful robot servant Robby. Despite efforts to lend assistance on the part of Cmdr. Adams and his lieutenants Jerry Farman and "Doc" Ostrow, and Alta's affectionate welcome, Dr. Morbius seems desperate to see the space travelers off his planet once and for allfor they are in grave danger! The Krell entity is still alive and well on Altair IV, and though Morbius doesn't know it yet, it will remain alive as long as he does, as it is motivated by the darkest, most bestial whims of his own subconscious id, unrestrained by the rational oversight of his conscious mind. Will Adams, Farman and Ostrow make it off Altair IV alive? Will they be able to save Morbius from himself before the monster from his Id does something he'll regret?

Inspired by the 1956 science fiction classic of the same name. If you're unfamiliar, go rent it. Right now. You won't regret it, and I'll still be here when you're done.

Set includes:

  • Robby's electronically-controlled transport vehicle (the vehicle is not named in the script, and inconsistently named in the merchandise, but "electronically-controlled transport vehicle" seems to be a fairly standard way of describing it, so that's what I'm going with)
  • Robby the Robot
  • Commander John J. Adams, with raygun
  • Lieutenant Jerry Farman, with heavy raygun
  • Lieutenant Dr. "Doc" Ostrow
  • Doctor Edward Morbius
  • Altaira "Alta" Morbius
  • Signboard bearing a LEGO version of the original Forbidden Planet theatrical poster, designed by me (the LEGO version, not the original poster), which buyers can use in their own builds if they want to (I think I'm going to include a poster like this in all my film-inspired LEGO Ideas submissions from now on).

Please note that the hairstyles shown here are not 100% accurate to what I want. I think Lt. Farman should have hairpiece #21788. Morbius's current hair works fine, but hairpiece #21268 or #23186 would work equally well, if not better.

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