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Inn on the Bridge


Final Update: A Boat!

Once again, thank you to all of the supporters who want this to become an actual product, it has been a wonderful two weeks so far.

This may be the last project update, because my project consists of a whopping 2900 pieces now, and I definitely do not want to go past the 3,000 piece limit.

To top off the whole project, I decided to give the old sailor man a boat, so that he can venture off with his own adventures beyond the bridge. I also figured that there's a boat dock, but no boat. So that boat is what you see in the pictures below.

I hope this is of interest to people, and do leave a comment on what you like, dislike or think needs improvement. I'll try my best to add what you think needs added, but I also want to keep the piece-count low, just in case.  :)


Stairs, fireplace and more!

It's been 7 days, and WOW. You guys are awesome. 500 supporters in 7 days and the project is on the Trending page. Let's keep it up, and do tell your friends about this as we continue on the road to 1,000 supporters!

After reading the comments and listening to what you all have to say, I've made a few updates to the project for you guys:

- STAIRS! Everybody asked me to make stairs to connect the floors of the inn to each other, so that's what I did. I made a set of stairs attached to the side of the inn (yes, it's attached so that it won't collapse) which connects the restaurant, the rooms, and the bridge together. This wasn't easy, so I'm glad LDD exists.

- I added tile plates to the 3rd floor, because everybody hates rough plates.

- I added a fireplace to the restaurant and removed one of the chimneys so that it makes more sense that there's a chimney.

- Small updates: Color of sand in water, tree has some darker leave pieces, another minifigure (the one with the sombrero), flowers.

Let me know if you like these updates, if you want something else, or if you want me to make something look better. And don't forget to spread the message for this project, so we can reach 1,000 supporters!


Saksham K.

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