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Inn on the Bridge


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Welcome to the olden days, where TV used to be your window and buildings were made of wood and stone. This olden-style inn beautifully shows the way buildings were made back then along with their building style. This set includes everything from horses to cows to kids falling in the water and grabbing fish to eat for dinner(Although that probably didn't happen in the 11-14th century). This also includes lots of minifigures(7, to be exact), and lots of cool little details, including a secret cave in the bridge where a werewolf hides with a skeleton neck-deep in the rock...

This set uses around 2500 pieces and is the largest set I have created, ever. It uses lots of foliage and textured pieces and also has a tree growing on the corner of the bridge. It also includes 2 cows and a cow herder, along with a horse pulling on some barrels. I wonder what the barrels have inside them...

All in all, this is a large intermmediate level set which would be awesome to build in real life if it becomes an actual product.

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