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Alpine Lodge


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As a lover of mountains and architecture that marries stone and wood, typical of our Alps landscapes, I started fantasizing about a semi-detached lodge to be included in a themed set of my home's Christmas decorations. I enjoyed designing it in every detail, imagining different uses and stories.

This lodge pretends to be built partially on pre-existent rocks, still visible on the left-hand side of it, and on the back (ski room and lower bathroom are carved inside them). It's partially present on the 1st floor apartment.

For a better play experience, of course all the three floors are completely independent and could be easily separated (roof included), as well is being detachable and accessible on the inside of the rooms throughout the two openable back walls placed at Floor 0 and Floor+1.

For the main building, I tried to use common parts, avoiding strange elements, except for the rocky part described above.
I applied several techniques to build it and gave attention to every single detail, from the paintings hanging along the internal stairs, up to the wardrobe of the characters and even the lamps and other home furniture.
The total project (building + minifigures + inside furniture) counts to 2,946 parts!

What's Inside:

2 Distinct Apartments:
  • One fully covers the Floor 0, and features the nightly part at Floor +1.
  • The other, is accessible on Floor 1 directly from the outside stairs, and continues fully at Floor 2.
  • On Floor 1, an internal wall divides the living space on the upper apartment from the nightly part on the lower one, but it's fully or partially removable!

1 Ski Room:
  • Accessible from the door placed under the stairs outside, partially carved into the rocks.

2 Bathrooms:
  • One carved into the stones, on Floor 0.
  • The other is surrounded by the scent of wood, in the attic (Floor 2).

2 Bedrooms:
  • On Floor 1
  • On Floor 2, the attic.
  • Both are completed with a bed, wardrobe, bedside table and other typical furniture.

2 Kitchens/Dining:
  • On Floor 0, master apartment.
  • On Floor 1, separated apartment

3 Heat Points:
  • Feel the warmth of the fireplace in the central living room of the master apartment, on Floor 0.
  • Enjoy the precious and the cozy majolica stube of the small apartment on Floor 1.
  • Relax in that small slice of bliss hidden among the flames of the fireplace in the reading area of ​​the attic (Floor 2)!

  • On Floor 1, part of the internal wooden wall is mobile, so that minifigures could secretly pass from one apartment to the other.
  • On Floor 1, over the bed, there's a secret trap door that allows minifigure to have access directly to the attic
  • The ski room and bathroom on Floor 0 are partially carved in the rocks visible from outside.
  • The flue is designed realistically, and communicates between the 3 floors, and has a little window visible from the ski room
  • The back wall on Floor 0 is integrated with the stairs, so that players could fully enjoy when opening it.

Hope you'll enjoy it as much as it was for me designing this!

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