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Forest Base

Hello. I'm Iyan Ha. This project is "Forest Base".

This is a building that doesn't really exist. It's an imaginary building.
I designed it myself from beginning to end.
I worked with Studio 2.0, a designer program. The submitted photos are rendering images. 
Program PartDesigner designed a pattern of shields at the entrance to the building.
The design of the mini figures used the ones updated in Studio 2.0.

A total of 2740 parts were used, including all the parts of the minifigures(6) and animals(6)

The Lego Forest(Forestmen) series is an old series. I have some of the old Forest series.
The cute little buildings between the trees and the minifigures holding hats and bows remind me of my childhood.
Every time I watch them I hope the Forest series will be remade again.

This work homages several elements of the previously released Forest series.

It brought several elements, including the blue roof, the structure of the building between the trees, and the design of the minifigures, which was mainly used in the series.
Instead, the parts used as homages brought only elements and the design was made differently.
The previous series has mostly grey brick buildings.

However, this work was made of wooden buildings, not brick buildings, giving overall originality.

Homage elements -
LEGO 6054 & others - blue roofs and practice targets
LEGO 6071 & others - treasure chest in a building
LEGO 6077 - the entrance to a building with two deer-shaped shields
LEGO 6079 - prison on big tree and flags on building
LEGO 6066 - horse and rider

This project is a base for forest people deep in the forest.

The concept of a building is a natural blend of trees, rocks, and building.

The building is a wooden building and harmonizes well with the natural things of the surrounding environment.
It's perfect for their base, living in the deep forest, living a righteous outlaw life like Robin Hood.
The exterior is mainly brown and dark gray, the colors of trees and rocks. And the green of leaves or vines surrounds them.

Leaf parts are fitted into bars, not studs, and are firmly assembled, so they do not break away easily.

And the blue on the roof is the point color.
The exterior shape of the building is made of logs, and there are cross-sections of trees everywhere.

There is a big tree in front of the building. This tree is surrounded by stairs, so you can go up.
There is a prison above the tree, and a key to open the prison is hung at the end of the branch that extends out.

But the prisoner's hand doesn't reach the key.

The tree's prison is separable. When separated, you can see the nest of birds living in the trees. 
The bird couple lay eggs and look happy. 

It's a contrast to the prison on the tree.

There are stairs and two wooden pillars at the entrance of the building, and there is a door after them.

And you can set up minifigure on the studs on the stairs.

The building is divided into one floor, two floors, and a rooftop.
There are dog and kennel around the building, rotten tree filled with rain, practice targets, bows and arrows.
Inside the first floor, there are various weapons, tableware, tables, chairs, bunk beds, treasure boxes and bundles containing property.

If you go up the stairs and go to the second floor, you will first encounter a spider coming down with a line on the beam.

The rear outer wall of the second floor is a structure that can open the hinges.

And if you open the outer wall, you can see this spider in detail.
And next to the spider are windows, deer skull for decoration, swords, shield.
In the opposite space, there is a desk and chair for the captain, and his fixtures, weapons, and hat.
On one side of the wall is the door to the veranda.
The rooftop is a place where forestmen can stand guard, and there are flags, resting chair, weapons.

There are a total of six minifigures, including captain, rider(scout), carpenter, two archers(Male & female) and skeleton(prisoner).
There are a total of six animals, including horse, puppy, bird couple, frog, and spider.

That's it for the Forest Base.
This work will bring back memories of the Forest series.
I hope the forests that have a lot of childhood memories become very dense.
Thank you to everyone who watches my work and the LEGO IDEAS Team.

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