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Hotel Le Souci - The Marigold

Bonjour, Bienvenue à l'Hôtel le Souci!

Hello, and welcome to Hotel le Souci, where your comfort is guaranteed. We pride ourselves on providing the best Hotel experience at an affordable price. Your comfort always comes first, which is why we bring you 5-star rooms anywhere you go. Located in Paris, France, this hotel is within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower. Another feature that we are proud to say we own is a 4-star rating on Brickadvisor. So what are you waiting for join us for while and enjoy Paris!

This French-style corner hotel would be a marvelous addition to any modular display. The old modular hotel is somewhat showing its age, this would revive that as well as bringing the classic french architecture to Lego. I tried to retain a little bit of the past by making this a corner just like the 2007 Cafe Corner. This set would include 9 Minifigures that being, 

2 Chefs - one in the restaurant, the other at the crepe cart.
A dad and child
A tourist
2 Parisians
A happy couple

Although you see more people in the pictures, these would most likely be the minifigs included. The part count is around 2400 pieces. 

I would love for this to become a Lego set so if you could, please support this project. :D

I also ask that you come check out what other creations I have and support those too.

Have a wonderful day, Swamy D

P.S. You know the drill tell your friends and family to support. :D

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