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Traum-Express Wagon from "Hallo Spencer"


Hello LEGO Fans,

I would like to introduce you my new creation: The "Traum-Express“ railway wagon from the puppet show "Hallo Spencer“.

This show was produced between 1979 and 2001, and Spencer with his 11 friends were living in a round-village in partially very special houses.

We are very big fans of the show that had its 40 anniversary last year and so it's no wonder that I decided to build the whole round-village in minifigure size! There are so many funny stories told with very lovely characters in this puppet show that I think it would be nice to play with those sets in LEGO.

And now it is done: The first model is finished! The house of Spencer`s assistant Elvis and his wife Lulu. The wonderful railway wagon called Traum-Express!

I studied several episodes to build it as detailed as possible. With the background that it is a discarded wagon with 4 compartments, I built it 8-wide because it is more a house than a wagon to drive with a train on the railway (although this is possible!).

Here a list of the features:

-length: 26cm /width: 8cm/height: 11cm

-number of bricks: approximately 650 piece

-entrance doors and compartment doors are working sliding doors!

-self made decales

-removable roof

The 4 compartments:

-1: seating area with table, luggage rack, shelf and emergency brake

-2: sleeping compartment with double bunk bed

-3: bath compartment with sink and toilet

-4: kitchen compartment with oven, sink, shelf and 2nd emergency brake

The minifigures of Elvis and Lulu are not completed yet but I will do an update if this is done!

I hope you enjoy this, be creative and have a good time!

Yours THOMAS (Ranklotza)

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