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Mechagodzilla From Godzilla vs. Kong


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Mechagodzilla from Godzilla vs. Kong. It was build under secrecy by Apex Cybernetics and was released in Hong Kong to battle Godzilla. It was made using the skeleton of Ghidorah’s left head that was taken off in Isla de Mara in 2019. I built this because I think it’s a good, posable action figure that looks good. You should know that certain parts may pop off a little too easy. The figure is a little over 6” tall. I think it would make a great LEGO set because Mechagodzilla is a cool character and I would like to see a LEGO version of the character. It also comes with a proton scream accessory. There are two play features on it, the first one being to flick missiles on the mech’s shoulders. The second is a rotating tail tip. You can also shine a light through the dorsal plates and proton scream to have them glow. (Do not shine light into your eyes).

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