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Sunshine Daycare

Adults in the LEGO world have a wide variety of occupations, missions, and adventures to fill their days with activity. But where do the LEGO children go all week?

Sunshine Daycare (comprised of 2326 pieces) boasts two full floors of activities and amenities, plus an artists’ loft with musical instruments and painting supplies. The daycare manager, chef, and two caregivers are on site to provide learning, food, and fun, for the six preschool aged children.

The first floor features a double door front entrance, single back door, a full kitchen, bathroom with laundry station, storage cubbies and a large eating/gathering area with plenty of books to read and places to sit, including the large window seat.

The second floor contains the manager’s office, another bathroom with storage for the sleeping mats, plenty of toys and two sensory play tables, one for water and one for sand.

The third floor loft has ample space on the big rug for playing and enjoying music, piano, drums, shakers, guitar and stereo. The paint area has a generous supply of fresh paint and canvases and wall space for creating new art as well as displaying finished projects.

As a daycare teacher myself, I have tried to create a building that is whimsical to play in while also featuring many of the real world touches children see in their environment every day.

The exterior of the build with its bright colours, brick work, shrubbery, and flower gardens would make a fine addition to a LEGO town display or as a standalone piece.

The inviting interior space features a mixture of hardwood and tiled finishing, numerous windows to allow light in, and easily removable roofs and levels to give access for play and display. 

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