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Robur The Conqueror's Albatross


New additions to the exterior

I improved (I hope..) the design by rounding the vertical propeller pods and adding radiator coils on the side panels. I think this way the level of detailing is now more even throughout and it adds to the steam-punk look... I also changed the rudder's main color to black, to make it more accurate to Robur's yellow-sun-on-black emblem.


New render from the front.


First try at render - new rudder design

After much frustration and many computer crashes, I managed to generate a low-res render of the model. Also, I noticed I had not aligned the hinges on the rudder on the original model. The re-design is slightly less streamlined but now it does rotate.


While you're at it, make sure you check out the godfather of all Verne's projects, OrionPax's Nautilus, here:

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