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PER-G & Supporter Fighter


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PER-G Normal -> PER-G Type A

PER-G Normal -> PER-G Type D

PER-G Normal -> PER-G Burst mode

Project Name: PER-G&Support Fighter
   COMPLETE pcs :1621 pcs
     -mini figure (ARON)
     -PER-G (planetary Exploration Robot –guard)
     -Support Fighter (Fighter that support PER-G )
     -Cockpit Move Assistant (for data protection)

-Function Description 
  PER-G and support fighters can combine to make various  forms.
  You can pose dynamically and firmly using a fastener.
  Cockpit Move Assistant can be docked to PER-G.
  You can open up the hatch of the PER-G and put Aron in  the cockpit.
  It can be divided into several parts and assembled to create various models

   In the early 23rd century, in 2220, the population of the earth increased and resources decreased.
   International Space Institute was organized to find habitable planets.

   International Space Institute found a way to move the universe faster using wormholes.

   Previous explorers went for exploring another planet but failed, losing contact with International Space Institute.
The  institute will develop PER-G and support fighter to investigate the disappeared explorers incident and check the safety of the planet.
Aron, PER-G and Support Fighter will move  to the planet together.

Please Help PER-G and Aaron explore planets!!!