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LEGO Monopoly

This is LEGO Monopoly!

The Game
This build includes all of the aspects of the classic Monopoly board game: a board, houses, hotels, player tokens, money, chance and community chest cards, and property cards.

The Board
The board is of a similar design of the 1935 edition, although some of the details are not correct. The board is 54x54 studs and includes spaces for each property that name the prices, chance and community chance spaces, and the jail, go-to-jail, GO, and free parking spaces.
The Pieces
The game comes with 10 player tokens: a car, thimble, hat, ship, wheelbarrow, suitcase, cat, dog, duck, and iron. It also comes with 12 hotels and 32 houses and 2 dice. LEGO Monopoly money is also included, which are each 4x8 tiles with the amount printed on them.
The Cards
The Chance and Community Chest cards are 4x6 tiles with the instructions printed on each one. The property title deeds are 6x8 tiles with the property, prices, mortgage values, and rent listed on them. There is also a tray that holds all of the cards and player tokens.
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