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Thank you for 500 supporters!

Thank you all for 500 supporters,
that's what I wanted to write. :)
But now that I have time to make an update
we are already at 575 supporters!
Can anybody please tell me what's going on?
Anyway, thank you all so, so much from the bottom of my heart! :)

For this occasion I wanted to share a picture
of Sue celebrating with a protein shake. :)


Amber Riley answered my Tweet! 🥳

I'm so excited and happy! Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes Jones on Glee, just answered my Tweet: Yay!


Glee featured in!

Today Glee got featured in, a german Lego Blog! I'm really excited about this! Yay!


Thank you for 250 supporters!

Thank you so much for 250 supporters in only
a little over a week!
You are so awesome!

For this occasion, I wanted to share a picture
of Kurt singing, while lying on the piano.
You know, he likes to do that. :)

Hope you like it!


100 Supporters!

Thank you all so much for 100 supporters
in just a little over a day!!
This is amazing and it really means a lot to me!
Hopefully Glee can keep it's momentum going. :)

I'm proud to present Tina and Artie :)

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