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Subnautica: Reaper Leviathan Attack


Reaper Leviathan Attack 3.0

In celebration of this set being chosen as a Staff Pick, I decided to give this set a bit of an overhaul!  This was the very first set I submitted to Lego Ideas and it seems only fitting that it gets a shiny new upgrade.  


1. Completely re-did the design of the Reaper Leviathan:  it is now slightly smaller, sleeker, with better posability as well as a completely redesigned head (with more teeth!) and a darker red color scheme.  Also, I changed the eyes from green to black (in the game and concept art, I have seen Reapers with green eyes and black eyes) but I thought black would look more menacing.  Let me know what you think!

2. A few people were asking about why I chose white as a color for the Reaper, which in the game is slightly blue.  I tried to change that to the color Aqua in Lego Digital Designer, but encountered a bug when rendering it:  Bluerender didn't recognize the color Aqua and rendered it black instead.  So I decided to stick with white.  Sorry about that!

3. Thanks to many of your suggestions, I finally updated the design of the PRAWN Suit!  Many of you complained that the top was too bulky and I totally agreed, so I completely redesigned the upper part of the exosuit and updated the color scheme.  The suit looks much more to scale and faithful to the suit in the game, and I also added many more details to the interior of the suit.  Enjoy the PRAWN Suit 2.0!

4. I was happy with how the terrain and wreckage pieces turned out, as well as the Sand Shark, so those pieces remain the same (with the exception of the colors, which I changed from metallic to solid colors).  But the two highlights of the set - the PRAWN Suit and the Reaper Leviathan - are new and improved.

5. A new background color for the images, as the previous color was much too bright.

6. I also included a few images showing the progression of my designs, for the PRAWN Suit and the Reaper Leviathan specifically.  There you can compare the old and new versions!

Thanks for all your amazing support on this set as well as all my other Subnautica sets.  Means the world to me!  More updates and new sets still to come.




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