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FedEx - The World on Time - 50th Anniversary

FedEx - The World on Time

Celebrating 50 years since it officially began operations, FedEx is known throughout the world for its speedy and reliable deliveries. What began from an idea from founder Frederick W. Smith in a college term paper expanded into an ever expanding transportation, delivery, and business services company with over half a million employees, seven hundred plus aircrafts, over two hundred thousand vehicles, all to deliver close to fifteen million packages per business day!

In this set, I've created one of FedEx's memorable delivery vehicles with a delivery man. I think it exemplifies the level of service and care they take to get us our packages on time all over the world.

The rear door to the truck does open in its true roll-up style and the sliding doors also work. The roof of the truck is removable and the packages will be fun to stack on the shelves till they reach their destination! One can only wonder...are there any LEGO sets in some of them?

Thanks for supporting!

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